An Charraig It is the name of a thatched house on the northern slope of Inis Mor. It is also the name of our project, a spiritual center in the celtic tradition. Part of our vision is developing right relationship with the nature and with the others. On the property there are two households: An Charraig and Abbalon. In the first live four EVS volunteers, few WWOOFers and the guests of ours. The second is the home of Tess, Dara and their family.

An Charraig is an Aistir. The word Aistir (pronounced 'ashter') is suggestive of 'journey'. Journey in Gaelic is 'aistear'. The word has its roots in 'aisling' meaning 'vision' or 'dream', and 'mainistir' meaning 'monastery'. It also has suggestions of 'ashram'. All of these connotations point to what an Aistir really is. It is a coined word, not to be found in the dictionary.

An Charraig is owned and directed by Tess Harper and Dara Molloy. Its structure has evolved over a period of twenty years or so, since the time in 1985 when Dara first and then Tess came to live on Inis Mor. Both of them were following a dream, to live a consciously spiritual life, close to nature and rooted in their own cultural and spiritual tradition. The Celtic monasteries of Aran became a deep source of inspiration for them, and they began to live a life modelled on many of the insights of that time.

The key elements of life in the Aistir An Charraig are the following: