Andrea Denis (September 2010/August 2011)
I'm Denis from Italy.
I''m the building&maintenance volunteer.
I came there the 1st of September, I took a plane from Dublin to Galway and I really like Ireland and its landcapes. Inish Mor is a wonderful place, so quiet, and peaceful. Since the first time I felt I could really learn a lot from this experience. And I was right! I learn so many things from the other volunteers and guests as well. And I discover I like fishing, cooking, as I never did before, watching movie, reading.

Valentina (May 2010/May 2011)
I'm  Valentina from Italy. I love to stay here, on Inis Mor and especially in An Charraig, because we are traying to live in self-sufficiency, producing and sharing everything we have. In this wild island I learn every day something new about the natural powers and how to keep contact and work with them. I enjoy go fishing,  listen the sound of the ocean, walk on the cliffs, watch the waves, work in the garden, cook our organic food, feel the wind and look at the stars in the quite nights.
That's a brilliant life!!!

Andrea Andrea (September 2009/March 2010)
I feel lucky being here in Arainn. I love biking to Cill Mhuirbhigh Garden because I can gaze at Lebedínoye óziero, the seal colony, the dark seagulls and the lovely beach filmed for 'The man of Aran'. Cranberries, rose hips and lemon verbena welcomed me like a family. I like living with the other volunteers, we share knowledge and lot of fun. They are really nice and special people. Ait chónaithe dhílis.

Hilal Hilal (June 2009/June 2010)
Before I came to Aran, I was looking for a place to start a new life. Now I'm here and I know if you want to start again, this island is like a dream for you.

To me life means; talking to waves, dancing in the rain, running with the wind... and surely, feeling freedom... So, the reel life is on Inis Mór...

"There is a place so far away. This place has happiness and
This place has a life, ready to share with others..."

It' s a Turkish song's lyrics which I like so much. Now I'm sure that this song refers to An Charraig. If you think that there is no place to live happily and peacefully in this world, you should come to Inis Mór and think again...

Asia Asia (Feb 2009/Aug 2009)
My name is Asia. I’m from Poland. When I came to Aran, I got fascinated by the both austerity and beauty of its landscape. The island abounds with mysteries, stories and myhts and it seems that every stone here can speak its own language. I love spending time outdoors and observing nature. That’s why I’m very fond of our garden, which I take care of. Why did I choose to go to Aran? ‘I went (…) there to live deliberately. To live deep and sink out of the marrow of life. And not when I came to die think that I had not lived’. (Henry David Thoreau) .

Fabian Fabian (Oct 2008/May 2009)
Hi, I am Fabian and I replaced Janina in the household position. I arrived here in the beginning of October but I could not manage to write my part for the website until now. I am from Munich Germany and I finished school there in 2008. After school I did not want to study right away without really knowing what to study. I wanted to take the opportunity to live in a different country and meet new people. After school I just wanted to slow down my life in order to think what I am going to study. I had luck that I found the project Aisling Aran which offers this tranquil place to EVS volunteers like me. My daily tasks are manly in and around the house. Like feeding the chicken, waste management and maintenance woks. In the free time I indulge my passion for photography or I explore the Island and its many little secrets.

Emese Emese (Jul 2008/Jul 2009)
My name is Emese Vida. I’m the new volunteer in Kilmurvey Garden. At the moment my work is mainly harvesting, weeding, and help some of the young spiders to find their independent way to live outside the polytunnel. This is my third week here, and I feel that I will learn a lot here, in An Charraig. Not only about gardening, but also about people, sharing duties, about finding new and independent ways and solutions for all kinds of difficulties. I have just discovered, that I really like prepairing bread (especially the Hungarian sweet type). Cooking is much different using organic and home-harvested ingredients. This way of life here makes me slow down a lot, and now I can really feel how precious is each second. And not only the seconds of free time, but the time when we work, cook, clean the house, feed the chicken... I’m very grateful for the people around me now, and for all the new experiences.

Fatima Fatima (Jul 2008/Jul 2009)
My name is Fatima and I'm from Sevilla (Spain). I'm the new office volunteer, I just arrived to An Charraig and I love it. I love the people, the house, the animals... I love this island before I arrived here.
Is an incredible experience to live here and I grace Universe for give me the opportunity to enjoy this way of living in a natural way.
My job here will be working in the office, updating the website, contacting with new EVS volunteers... I will enjoy as well caring the gardens and working in the house.
I will be one year on this island and during this time I want to learn as much as possible about Irish Culture and Heritage, I want to enjoy as well the music, the landscape, the nature, the language and of course, the islander way of life.
In Inishmore, the time serves the islanders and Life has its own way of expression.

Johanna Johanna (June 2008)
This is Johanna Rind, Janina's sister. She was WWOOFing with us for a month, in which she made our life nicer : ) She broadened some pathways in the housegarden, so that you can easily walk there without stumbling, she washed several kilogram of carrots to preserve them for winter, so that no-one will starve in January, she fed the chickens, ducks, kittens and cats, so that they didn't starve now, she prepared rooms for whoever was coming, so that they felt comfortable and homey and she left us now, so that we are all sad.
So thanks for your help, enjoy yourself at home!

Walter Walter (Jun 2008/Jul 2008)
Some people call me the space cowboy.
Some call me the gangster of craic.
Here at An Charraig they call me Walter,
'cause I speak of the pompitous of dish drying rack.

I'm an American, a bike technician
I'm a scientist, and a magician
I play my guitar in the sun

I'm a jiver, I'm a diver
I'm a midnight driver
I get my lovin on the run

It's the cutest island I ever did see.
Really love the people, but there are no trees.
Pully weedy, pully weedy, pully weedy all the time,
oo ee baby, gardening is hard to rhyme.

Kiko Kiko (May 2008/May 2009)
My name is Kiko Salguero. I will be here until May 2009. During this time I hope to enjoy the tranquility of this island. My function here is to fix all those little things that break down every day, build and create anything that might be useful to us. Each day new things are learned here, perhaps this is what makes this place so special. That and a lot of other little things that you can only understand when you are here.

Jeremy Jeremy (Mar 2008/May 2008)
My name is Jeremy Browne and I'm from Boston MA, USA. This is my first stint as a WWOOFer, and so far things at An Charraig are great. I'll be here for only two months, from March through April, and in that time I hope to learn about preparing soil, planting, and keeping up a garden in a self-sustainable way. I studied philosophy and literature at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and at the moment I haven't a clue what to do with the rest of my life, but a couple of months on an island ought to help me figure that out.

Kostas Kostas (Mar 2008/May2008)
This is Kostas Mavromatakis, he actually came only by accident, but stayed for nearly three months, which we enjoyed a lot and still remember vividly. How he did it? - He played the Barlamadaiki and sang to it beautifully, he experimented with soybeans resulting in tasty vegan chocolate spread and he taught us some Greece songs, the writing and speaking.
So we hope you are well and happy to be home in Greece, best wishes!

Franziska Franziska (Jan 2008/Jul 2008)
I am Franziska Bauss, the office volunteer. My job consisted of sitting inside and staring at the apple computer, without getting my hands dirty. On my first day in An Charraig, that didn`t really work out well though, my gloves still stink of seaweed. ;)
When I didn`t join the other volunteers with work in the gardens, I update the website, go through the e-mails and applications. Since some weeks I am looking after Eochaill garden, a constant struggle with clay and weeds, but I fell in love with its wild beauty.
And when I am done with that, I love to take a walk in the sun, storm and rain, all at once.

Franziska Cassandra (Dec 2007/May 2008)
Hello, I am Cassandra Jacobs. I am from the Netherlands, Zoetermeer. I am 18 years old. I am occupying the household position. Therefore I need to feed the cats, ducks and chickens, care for the kitchen garden, plastic tunnel and herb garden, but also help other volunteers in their gardens.
I like to walk with Rain and Storm (the cats) on the magnificent, supervet, beautiful, cool and lovely island Inis Mor, enjoy the handicrafts we do (such as making bags or popcorn decoration). In the evening I love to play music with the volunteers. Afterwards, I enjoy watching the stars twinkling before falling asleep, as I live in the morning glory room.
Janina Janina (Oct 2007/Oct 2008)
This is our dearest Janina, playing the chickens to bed. She is usually doing all sorts of thing, which really needed to be done! That can be building a shelf, fixing a tool, feeding the chickens, swiping the kitchen, working in the kitchen garden and strawberry fields, pulling out horns, saving ducks, playing the fiddle, doing our laundry and fold it perfectly, complaining about sun and praise the rain, knowing who prefers which spoon or just being around.

Sarah Sarah (Oct 2007/Jun 2008)
My name is Sarah Ann Mellstrom. My home lies in Northfield, Minnesota, in the Midwest of the United States of America. I bring my time in gardening & cooking, reading & writing, art & music, biking & hiking, dreaming & conversing, and practicing to become a feline. I strive to nurture Kilmurvey Garden into an even greater state of chaotic beauty and organized productivity than did my talented predecessor. I love what I know of An Charraig and Inis Mor for their enigmatic qualities, for what we create here, and for the vast untouched potential. The quality of time here is indescribable and I consider myself fortunate to be experiencing it.

Anja Anja (July 2007/May2008)
Me the bunny-loving-girl works in Eochaill garden. The best thing about this garden is that you can watch the people of the recycling plant working down the hill while you take a break =)
i really like the crazy, family-like life in the house here. every boring looking day can turn out to be an adventure into deep thoughts and colorful actions. i hope this creativity will always stay here and give a lot of people the chance to learn more about themselves...i learned that i can bake chocolate cakes:d

so have much fun and bunnies rule the world
...anja :">

Justyna Justyna (Aug 2007/Jan2008)
I relaunched the office of An Charraig and set up the new website, so that you can be up to date with the project affairs.

This project really changed me. I discovered great nature lover in me, wandering around and delighting beauty of Aran wilderness.